Our Tours

We handpick the best venues to allow you to sample their wonderous delights. Using a roving ticket to hop on and off our premier coaches and you can visit one of all of the venues without worrying about a designated driver or transport fares. A one-off ticket price will give provide you access to the Coach loop from 11am to 11pm. Coaches pick up from each venue between 30 -50 minutes to ensure that you can enjoy flexibility and start and stop where ever you please. You will receive some fantastic exclusive deals as being part of the Chin Chin crew and we do the planning to ensure you get the most out of the event, you simply show up and have fun!

Cheshire Gin & Presecco Parade

Chin Chin Tours have a fabulous Gin & Prosecco Tour around 6 wonderful establishments in Cheshire.Sample the delights form the Gin & Prosecco world or any tipple that takes your fancy! Tickets are at £19 (includes booking fee and delivery) and allow you 11am – 11pm access around this wonderful loop. With over *** of Gins on offer and some fantastic exclusive deals to Chin Chin customers, tickets are limited – so buy quick so you don’t miss out!